Getting Local Businesses to Support Your Sports Fundraiser

Playing sports is fun, healthy, and a great way to build friendships. But, there are many expenses that come with it, such as buying equipment, uniforms, and renting out fields. Fundraising is a great way to collect money and make these expenses more manageable.

However, for a successful fundraiser, you need to be creative and resourceful. One of the best ways to raise money is by getting local businesses to support your sports fundraiser. Here’s how you can make it happen:

1. Make the Initial Outreach


The first step to getting local businesses to support your sports fundraiser is to reach out to them. You can do this by sending an email, making a phone call, or even visiting them in person. When you reach out, make sure to introduce yourself and explain why you’re contacting them. Tell them about your sports team, the fundraiser, and the goals you’re trying to achieve. Be enthusiastic and passionate about your cause, and don’t be afraid to ask for their support.

2. Provide Support Options


Once you’ve made contact with local businesses, you need to provide them with options. There are many ways they can support you, such as purchasing the products you are selling or helping others to hear about your sports fundraiser. Make sure to give them a variety of options so they can choose what works best for them. Also, be flexible and open to their suggestions and ideas.

3. Communicate the Benefits


Local businesses are more likely to support if they know what’s in it for them. Communicate the benefits of supporting your sports fundraiser, such as increased exposure and publicity. You can offer to put their logo on your team’s uniforms or website or give them a shoutout on social media. Make sure to thank them publicly and recognize their contribution to your team’s success.

4. Show Appreciation


It’s important to show appreciation to local businesses that support your sports fundraiser. Send a thank-you note, post a message on social media, or even create a plaque or certificate to show your gratitude. Make sure to keep in touch with them and update them on your team’s progress. This will help build a long-term relationship and increase the likelihood of future donations.

The Takeaway


Getting local businesses to support your sports fundraiser is a win-win situation. They get exposure and publicity, and you get the necessary funds to support your sports team. Remember to be enthusiastic, provide options, communicate the benefits, and show appreciation. With these tips, you’ll be well on your way to a successful sports fundraiser. Good luck!