About us

Our Beginnings

In 2008, during the tough economic downturn, my construction career fell apart. With a wife and five children at home – our family had to innovate to survive. Inspired by the constant changing of sheets in our home, and the realization that the quality was certainly lacking in most retail brands, my wife decided that we could do it better. Hibernate Home was born. What started out in our garage, has blossomed to over 600k sheet sets sold annually worldwide, and mostly by youth athletes! That’s right, we quickly realized that our soft, affordable sheets could serve a higher purpose while reaching a wider audience. That spark turned into Hibernate Fundraising – the number one online bed sheet fundraising platform.

Start now


Every parent, guardian, aunt, grandma, teacher and coach knows how expensive it is to participate in competitions, all while wearing tailored uniforms and performing with well-conditioned equipment. Everyone needs bed sheets, so our turnkey fundraiser stays in demand. The profit margin can’t be beat at $15.00 per sheet set and $5 per extra pillowcase set. Don’t sleep on this opportunity!


Our most recent partnership with Varsity allows us to take our turnkey fundraising concept to the next level by serving their vast network of students across the country. From the sideline to the stage, and the field to the parade route, for nearly 50 years Varsity has been elevating the student experience. We look forward to helping their cheerleaders, dancers, and performing artists meet their fundraising goals and soar to new heights with hibernate!