About us

Our Beginnings

Hibernate Bed Sheet Fundraiser was founded to help organizations and teams make large sums of money in a short time period by selling a product that people need that also has BIG margins. There is a high demand for “something new” in the fundraiser business. The team at hibernate bed sheet fundraising discovered a solution. Bed Sheet Fundraisers!

Why Bed Sheet Fundraiser?

  • It is an easy bed sheet fundraising program, selling high-quality bed sheets that people actually need at an affordable price. Excellent Customer Service – the best on the Planet!
  • For orders of 90 sets or more, we will box and label each participant’s order separately. This saves you time and ensures accuracy during the distribution process.
  • No upfront purchases are needed. We provide you with free marketing materials, including starter packs with fabric swaps.
  • 100% Manufacturers Warranty.

Follow our proven money-making methods and let our products do the selling.

“We have sold millions of bed sheets but we have never sold one as they sell themselves.”

Whether you are a seasoned fundraising group or this is your first one, we offer you the key to reaching your financial goals in style.

That spark turned into Hibernate Bed Sheet Fundraising – the number one online bed sheet fundraising platform.

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Every parent, guardian, aunt, grandma, teacher, and coach knows how expensive it is to participate in competitions, all while wearing tailored uniforms and performing with well-conditioned equipment. Everyone needs bed sheets, so our turnkey bed sheet fundraiser stays in demand. The profit margin can’t be beaten. Don’t sleep on this opportunity!


Our most recent partnership with Varsity Spirit and Varsity All Star allows us to take our turnkey fundraising concept to the next level by serving their vast network of students across the country. From the sideline to the stage and the field to the parade route, for nearly 50 years Varsity has been elevating the student experience. We look forward to helping their cheerleaders, dancers, and performing artists meet their fundraising goals and soar to new heights with hibernate bed sheet fundraiser!